Our story...

Sparre Process Serving, LLC (SPS) was founded in 2008.

Initially, SPS was a sole proprietorhsip owned and operated by Corin E. Sparre. It was started with the idea that, in the least, it could provide supplemental income for her and her new family. Corin was fortunate to have friends and family in the industry who provided guidance which she combined with years of customer service experience to form a successful business model. This combination allowed the business to remain successful throughout its infancy and survive the recession.

Although the business did grow slowly at first, within a couple of years SPS had been able to acquire numerous regular clients and establish a favorable web presence. This web presence, coupled with an online marketing campaign, allowed the business to continue to accrue clients from all over the country as well as establish close relationships with local law firms.

By 2014, the company had grown exponentially and it became an LLC in June 2014.

Today, SPS continues to grow. Their reliability, effectiveness, highly competitive rates and superior customer service has generated a word-of-mouth campaign that has become their most valuable and effective means of advertising.

Meet our staff.....

Corin Johnson (Sparre)

Owner/Process Server

Corin was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She moved to Austin in 2004 and founded SPS in 2008. Her work ethic and tenacity have proven to be an invaluable asset to the success of the business. Corin believes all clients should have a superior customer service experience and thus remains hands-on with each and every serve.

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Corin E. Sparre



Daniela Galvan McDonald

Office Manager

Daniela has a degree in Graphic Design from the Technological University of Mexico. She decided to move to the United States to have a fresh start. SPS is part of her life, she considers her coworkers family. She is married to Ryan (fellow server) and they too own a small business in Austin. Danila joined the SPS team in 2016. She is the grease that makes the wheels turn. Her dedication to SPS stands out on a daily basis in her interactions with our clients and our staff.

Ryan McDonald 

Process Server 

Ryan graduated from Michigan State University as a financial advisor.  He moved to Austin in 2014; he is not a big fan of cold weather and Austin's climate is perfect for him! He is married with two dogs. He joined the SPS team in 2018. His charismatic personality makes him a joy to work with and the integrity he displays in the field is flawless.

Aaron Johnson 

Process Server 

Aaron is a native Texan and was born and raised in Marble Falls Texas. He spent 10 years serving in the Army as a supply specialist and served two tours overseas. He joined the Sparre Process Serving team in 2018. His strong work ethic and knowledge of the Central Texas area makes him a valuable asset to the company.  


Jeffrey Wilson

 Process Server 


Jeff Wilson was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He attended California State University Hayward.  He and his two children moved to Texas in 2001.  Although he remembers seeing his current wife in San Francisco, he officially met her here in Austin. They married 2010.  Jeff is very detail oriented and meticulous about following directions.  He prides himself in providing superior customer service and being a polite and courteous professional. Joined the SPS team in 2018. His loyalty to the company and his outstanding success rate in the field, makes him one of the best process servers I have encountered.



All of our process servers operate with the upmost integrity in the field, with both our clients as well as the parties in the lawsuit that are being served. We believe is it the right of every person to be given proper notice of their engagement on a lawsuit, we treat them with respect and kindness. All of our servers are certified by the JBCC to serve process in Texas, and apply their knowledge form their continuing education course to their diligent field work on each and every paper they service.

This whole team is an outstanding bunch that makes this company what it is, and I am proud to say they work for Sparre Process Serving.